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Parent Support

It's a lifelong position with stressful times, huge financial burdens and restrictions on your once carefree existence but millions of people are happy to sign up. It's called being a parent.


No matter what you thought before, at birth life changes and things will never be the same again. Being a family brings enormous responsibilities but it can also bring unlimited delights. Not easy to keep that in your head whilst pacing the floor at 3.00am for the third night in a row soothing your baby through teething times, or dealing with a screaming 7 year old who does not want to be shopping with you in the supermarket.





The role of parent has no qualification requirements and no real training programmes (OK there are antenatal classes/groups which prepare you for the birthing process but not the living process). There are thousands of books and websites offering advice, Supernanny on TV and of course friends and relatives (can be a blessing or another stressor).

Quite often though parents will be frustrated, stressed and too tired to even sort through the sea of advice for the pearls that will make a real difference.




Clinicians, when you can get to them, can be quite quick to give 'difficult' children a diagnosis - ASD, ADHD, ODD, et al. A diagnosis may hopefully - but not always - point you in the right direction. The child then has a label but the family does not have a solution to the difficult behaviour.


I am available to work with families in providing structured solutions to the difficulties they might face at home, in school or anywhere.


This would be individualised for each child following a free initial consultation to assess the problems. Following that consultation a detailed plan of possible interventions would be made available together with costs.


Please use the contact details at the top of the page for any enquiries.


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