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Behaviour - an overview

There exists a plethora of theories, methods, systems, approaches and strategies for the causes of challenging behaviour and response models to deal with or modify maladaptive behaviours.

It is not feasible for busy staff to take time out to read and evaluate such a wide variety of material.

There are some young people with an alphabet soup of diagnoses; the accuracy and validity of such diagnoses notwithstanding, a diagnosis does not, in itself, offer a solution. Indeed there are many times when it can be counter-productive if we only see the 'label' and not the child.


The key to effective school practice in relation to any young person displaying challenging behaviour is to try to determine the function of the behaviour.

People do things for a reason.

Sometimes that reason may escape us and the behaviour may seem bizarre, illogical and completely puzzling; that will be a large part of what makes it challenging.

Only by having a reasonable understanding of the "Why?" can we begin to reduce the impact of maladaptive behaviours.

School will have their own systems for the recording of challenging behaviours. One of the most effective approaches which aids the development of a hypothesis for the function of the behaviour is the use of the A(antecedent) B (behaviour) C (consequence) structure.

Click here to access a modified version of this approach together with guidance notes here.

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